How are the items produced?

When I started, I made everything by hand (disc, paper pieces, covers, etc.). I quickly changed to professionally produced products using some of the biggest vendors in the US (RR Donnely for printed materials, Discmakers for CDs). I was fortunate to have on-demand plants for both these companies in my back yard, and the goods they produce are as high quality as you'll encounter from any.

That said, given the rise of mobile devices suitable for reading such books, I've reverted to just selling immediately downloadable versions for older books. For new works, I'm going to use a hybrid approach: initially only downloads will be available, then once the work stabilizes, I'll offer a one-time printing of it in paperback form.

Please note, however, that this changes one fundamental aspect of my works: electronic downloads are by license agreement, not sale. That means that they can't be sold or transferred to others when you are done with them. 

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