A Film Returns

Kodak's Professional T-MAX P3200 is back in 35mm roll film format (36 shots), courtesy Kodak Alaris. It was originally discontinued in 2012. 

T-MAX P3200 is a panchromatic black-and-white negative film that has a nominal ISO of 800, but can be push processed, typically to ISO 3200, but it can be pressed higher than that (typically a max of 6400). Note that the film canister is coded to ISO 3200, so if your camera has the ability to set ISO automatically, you need to be aware of that.

Kodak points out that T-MAX P3200 has fairly simple processing, and that it can be processed in home darkrooms as well as professional labs.

Shipments to distribution begin in March, so the new film should be available shortly.

In doing the research for this new launch I discovered something I hadn't noticed before: there's both an iOS and Android app that covers all the available Kodak Alaris available films. Do a search for KODAK Professional Film App. It doesn't yet contain the new film, but it does have a very useful where to buy, where to get processing lookup that some might find handy.

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