And a New Name to Remember...

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It's Kodak Alaris, apparently. 

That's the name of the new company that will be handling Kodak's old professional imaging business, the one that made all the films and paper we all hope continue on. Under terms of the bankruptcy agreement, the old Eastman Kodak shed this business to the United Kingdom's Kodak Pension Plan (KPP) in exchange for removing the pension obligations. KPP has now created Kodak Alaris, the company that will actually sell the films and papers.

In an article in the British Journal of Photography, the company is quoted as saying that they don't expect to be adding or subtracting any film products in the future.  

The businesses that are now in Kodak Alaris are: retail photo kiosks, dry labs systems, paper and output systems, film products, event imaging solutions, and a document imaging business. Sales of more than US$1.3b are expected this year, and the new company has over 4700 employees worldwide.

Kodak Alaris Web site

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