Capture NX-D Nails Nikon Scan Coffin Shut

(news & commentary)

A reader reminded me that Nikon Scan also saves into NEF format. With Nikon now dropping the old Capture NX2 framework for a Silkypix spine, it appears that support for Nikon Scan NEFs is now dead at Nikon, as well as Nikon Scan itself. So much for legacy support. Nikon apparently doesn’t do much of that any more. I suppose it’s possible that Nikon might fix this (Capture NX-D is only in beta at the moment), but I sincerely doubt it. Other aspects of the NEF support in NX-D are also broke and unsupported, and it seems like it would be a big job to put all that back into the new product.

If you’ve got images scanned into NEF format, I suggest that you get them out while you still have the software to do so. Can’t say that DNG would be a better choice. Indeed, it appears that 16-bit TIFF is where you scans probably need to be.

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