Not Exactly a "Film" Camera, but...

(news & commentary)

Fujifilm this week announced the instax mini 90 Neo Classic (is there enough room on the little camera for the name? ;~). 


While not a film camera—it's an instant camera that prints credit-card sized photos (46 x 62mm) as its output—it is nice to see that the old analog options haven't completely all gone away, and the joy of "instant" photography hasn't been completely forgotten.

On the other hand, one has to shudder at press releases that have lines in them that say "The new instax mini 90 Neo Classic targets not only women…but now also men." Woo-hoo! 100% more potential purchasers! 

Obviously, I needed to immediately go look and see what the previous instax cameras looked like. Ah, it's color that was the attractor: as in pastel pink, pastel yellow, and pastel blue. 

If you want to see the full instax line, use this link [advertiser link], though note that because of the holidays, B&H hasn't caught up to the Fujifilm announcement as I write this.

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