Fujifilm Raising Prices Again

Seems like a broken record now: Fujifilm has pre-announced another film price increase to take effect on June 1st. The amount? "...by more than 30%."

This is a good news bad news situation believe it or not. The bad news, obviously, is that film prices are increasing because Fujifilm is trying to match its costs, which are rising, with demand, which is low but apparently reasonably stable.

The good news is that Fujifilm is continuing to make these adjustments despite the small—for Fujifilm—size of the market. Many companies would just close down a business with this kind of trajectory and minimal impact on the overall bottom line. 

Still, you have to wonder just how far this can go. Provia is now well over US$10 a roll. We're approaching the fifty cents a shot level with some films, and that doesn't include processing.

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