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Thom's first encounter with a Nikon film SLR was using his mother's Nikormat FTN in the late 1960's. Since then, he's used almost every Nikon film SLR that's been made, and these days uses Nikon DSLRs for his main work.

During the 1990's Thom was an active member of the original Nikon User newsgroup, and thus was one of the first to support Nikon users on the Internet. Along the way, Thom wrote two seminal books linked to Nikon film SLR use: the Nikon Field Guide, and The Nikon Flash Guide, both now long out of print and sometimes fetching higher than original cost price in eBay auctions.

More recently, Thom documented several of the more modern Nikon film SLRs with one of his Complete Guide eBooks, all of which are still available from this site. 

Remember, Thom has three other sites that deal with photography on the Internet:

  • bythom.com — covers Nikon DSLR cameras and general photography
  • sansmirror.com — covers all mirrorless cameras
  • gearophile — covers gadgets and gear related to photography (sometimes in loose ways), as well as compact cameras
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