Can the F100 be programmed to leave the film leader out?

Many of the later Nikon bodies (F100, F5, etc.) can be programmed to do this, but it requires that you take your camera to an authorized Nikon service center, where the necessary equipment is available.

Personally, I've never really had any desire to have my cameras do this. With the amount of film I shot on some trips/assignments it would be too easy to get confused and stick an exposed roll back into the camera (don't tell me to mark my rolls--sometimes when the light is just right or an animal is active in front of me, I'm shooting as fast as I can; I can't afford the time it takes to label a roll lest I miss a shot, nor can I take the time to make sure a new roll isn't marked as having the leader out). The times when I wanted to re-use a roll (when I only partially shoot a roll but need to change to another film stock), a $5 film extractor worked just fine for getting the leader back out of the cartridge. Still, it seems strange that Nikon went to all the effort of putting Custom Functions in their last few film bodies, but left one of the more requested functions off the list.

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